Papas Country Porch Specialty Bakery

1611 Smithtown Ave, Bohemia NY 11716 631-419-6580

Here is Our Story

We are family owned and operated. Papa has eight grown children and eleven grandchildren. For years Papa has been bringing his delicious desserts to the table for family and friends to enjoy. One evening, after dinner, while enjoying a piece of his famous Peanut Butter Crumb Brownie, a family member suggested the idea of him selling his desserts. And that is how it all began.

Once we got the business started, we began with local wholesale accounts which include delis, cafes, and bagel stores. We were invited to feature our items at local Arts & Craft Festivals. As the business began to grow, we branched out into selling our items retail and accepting orders for holidays, company events, church events, office gatherings, and those who just need a dessert to bring to their dinner party.

Our new store opened July 28, 2012! We make local deliveries and have shipped to states across the US.

All of our products are baked to preservatives...just fresh, wholesome ingredients! We LOVE to bake and Papa is always trying out new recipes, perfecting them, and adding to the menu